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Some GOP news saying vote Hillary over Trump

May 28, 2016 LM 1

Democrats are freaking out.  Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and many are fearful of his potential presidency. Drop into any Democratic chat and you’ll likely run into talks of a Trump-style nuclear holocaust and […]

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No Apology From VA Secretary On Disney Comments

May 25, 2016 LM 0

VA Secretary, Robert McDonald, stopped short of apologizing for recent remarks comparing VA wait times to lines at Disney. McDonald made the inflammatory remarks Monday, at a breakfast held by The Christian Science Monitor. The […]

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Texas GOP Calls Most Texans Gay

May 22, 2016 LM 0

That angry drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket said: “only steers and queers come from Texas.” The Texas GOP recently reiterated the sentiments. Call it a mistake, a Freudian slip, or whatever you will, the […]

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Stop Blaming Liberals For Anti-Vaxxers

May 18, 2016 Jennifer Stone 0

Anti-vaccination proponents are simply wrong, and this article is not going into that well-established fact. This is a breakdown of what that viewpoint represents. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2009 71% of Democrats […]

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