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GOP Senator Mark Kirk First To Un-Endorse Trump

June 7, 2016 LM 2

Un-endorsements? Or is it unendorsements? It’s not a word any of us are used to seeing. Yet, we suspect it’s just the beginning of an ongoing trend. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) unendorsed Trump on Tuesday, saying […]

US Politics

Bernie’s Campaign Slams Media for Calling Primary

June 7, 2016 LM 1

The Associated Press and others reported Monday evening that Hillary Clinton has secured the delegates required for the Democratic nomination. Well, that’s simply not true, as these sources are counting superdelegate votes that have not […]

US Politics

Some GOP news saying vote Hillary over Trump

May 28, 2016 LM 1

Democrats are freaking out.  Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, and many are fearful of his potential presidency. Drop into any Democratic chat and you’ll likely run into talks of a Trump-style nuclear holocaust and […]

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