Broken and defeated Alex Jones left begging for money after being banned on all major social platforms

This week, a number of major media platforms began dumping content from Alex Jones. So far, Apple, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify have removed most of his content. Sticher, LinkedIn, and Pinterest removed his content as well.

However, now Jones is urging his fans to “fight back” by buying some of his products or just donating some money to him.

On his show, Jones is heard saying, “Don’t forget the financial support; that is the strongest thing you can do to make sure that we continue on and are strong in the fight.”

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He continues, “Go there today and send them a strong message that you stand for the First Amendment, you stand for us and get air filtration, water filtration, optics, preparedness gear, high quality storable foods, supplements that are so good for you and your family. Feed your gladiator.”

However, Jones claims that the money isn’t really for him. He asserted, “Money is the jet fuel for the jet bombers I use to drop truth bombs.”

The right-wing conspiracy theorist begged Trump for help too. He called on Trump to end “censorship.”

Jones stated, ″If you come out before the midterms and make the censorship the big issue of them trying to steal the election. And if you make the fact we need an Internet Bill of Rights, and antitrust-busting on these companies, if they don’t back off right now.”


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