Dad removes kids from school because of dispute over Confederate flag (Details)

Credit: TheState

A father decided to remove his kids out of a private school in Columbia, South Carolina. The reason was that the school wouldn’t let him fly the Confederate flag on his truck while he’s on school property.

Rhett Ingram, 38, took his 14 and 11-year-old children out of Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, the only school they’ve ever known. The two kids have been attending the school since they were just four years old. He has been paying roughly $26,000 a year to send his kids there but because the school told him to leave the Confederate flag at home, he made the decision to pull his kids out of the school.

According to Ingram, he began flying the flag on his truck in 2016.

Ingram stated, “This just ain’t right.”

He continued, “I felt like it was being taken. It’s like, ‘wait a minute – that flag doesn’t mean I’m racist. It doesn’t mean I hate people.”

Ingram also revealed that he doesn’t always fit in with the other parents.

Ingram said, “I drive a truck. I show up dirty, and sweaty and nasty. I might not be eloquent and I don’t have a degree.”

He went on to talk about when he came to the school grounds with the Confederate flag on his truck in 2016. Ingram reveals the school’s headmaster came up to him and told him, “We had complaints and your flag’s not welcome here.”

He explains that he had a sit-down and a handful of discussions with the school about flying the flag on his truck and said, “Basically, at the end of the day he didn’t change his view and I didn’t change mine.”

He enrolled his kids at a local public school this week. He hopes that his kids eventually understand why he did what he did.

Ingram stated, “Ultimately, my children are the ones that hurt. It meant more to me for when my kids get old, they look back and say, ‘you know what, dad told me to stand for what’s right.’ Always.”

At the end of September, the school placed Ingram on their ‘No Trespass Notice.’


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