Domestic terror? Two Muslim honor roll students murdered on eve of graduation (Details)

(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Two Maryland teens, Shadi Adi Najjar (17), and Artem Ziberov (18), were fatally shot while sitting in their car on Monday night. They were both honor roll students, loved by many, and were due to graduate the following day.

Earlier in the night, Najjar hugged his mother and told her “I’m going out to enjoy myself.” That was the last his parents would hear from him.

The two teens were sitting in a cul-de-sac about seven miles from where they live. A nearby homeowner thought he heard fireworks when 22 shots rang out. The two victims sat in their car dying of gunshot wounds.

Police, as of this time, are unable to determine any motive for the shootings. They have called the shootings a homicide.

Their friends and family describe them as sweet boys who never offended anybody and had no enemies.

Jimmy D’Andrea, their school principal, told graduates Najjar would often “lean over to help a classmate,” and Ziberov liked to sign his schoolwork “the one and only Artem.”

So why else would two young Muslim students, both well-behaved and focused on education, be shot randomly on the night before their graduation? It’s likely that this is a case of domestic terror. It’s likely that the vitriol that our president sends out led to some bigot killing these boys.

Meanwhile, all day yesterday, CNN and other major networks chose to cover a failed hammer attack on a police officer in Paris instead of two Muslim boys being killed nearby our nation’s capital. Interesting priorities, right?

You can listen to the gunshots below, as captured by a local surveillance camera.

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