Due to his Confederate flag license plates, student loses parking privilege (Details)

Credit: Left: WMC Action News 5 Right: ABC7NY

A Pittsburgh student says after his school said that his Confederate flag license plates “caused a substantial disruption,” he had his parking permit revoked. 

On Thursday, at Brashear High School, a day after his father defended his son’s Confederate flag license plates, Randy Roscoe Jr. reveals that his Confederate flag license plates were ripped off his truck.

His father, Randy Roscoe Sr., stated, “To them, it means they’re country hicks, or they’re into fishing and hunting and listening to country music.”

Roscoe Jr said, “I feel my First Amendment right is being taken from me. I’m not allowed to park my own vehicle at school over license plates on my truck, and I’m just trying to come to school every day and just be left alone.”

According to a spokesperson for the school district, they asked Roscoe Jr. to remove the plates in order to keep his parking permit. The spokesperson also asserted they did not violate Roscoe Jr’s First Amendment right.

Mickey Sheehan, one of his classmates spoke out and said, “He says a lot of swear words, a lot of bad words toward black people and everything, and it’s just not right.

His father reveals that because Roscoe Jr. doesn’t have a parking permit, he now faces the risk of his truck being towed.

Below are pictures of his license plates:


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