Father and son in a lot of trouble after shooting mother bear and cubs in den

Credit: Twitter

A father and son have been charged after they were caught shooting a mother bear and her two cubs that were resting in their dens. The incident was captured on a motion-activated video that was installed by wildlife officials as a part of a three-year study.

The incident happened on April 14th in Alaska when the pair were out skiing together and came across an inhabited den.

The video showed that Owen Renner, 18, shot the mother black bear. Then his father, Andrew Renner, 41, took “aim through his rifle scope only feet away and fires several more shots, killing the newborn bear cubs.” Also in the video, he was heard saying, “It doesn’t matter. Bear down.”

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According to a sworn summary of events by police, “cubs begin shrieking in the den after the initial shots are fired.”

Officials noted that once the pair realized the mama bear was wearing a tracking collar, they removed it. They also went back to the den to collect the gun shells and dispose of the cubs’ bodies. In another video, the son was caught saying, “They’ll never be able to link it to us.”

Two weeks after the incident, the father took the mother bear’s skin and tracking collar to Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials. He reportedly told the officials that he didn’t realize the bear was nursing until he shot it and did not see any of the cubs.

The two have been charged with unlawfully taking a female bear with cubs, killing two bear cubs and illegally possessing and transporting three illegally hunted bears. Andrew, the father, is also charged with tampering with evidence, filing false documentation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor (since his son was a minor at the time of the shooting.)


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