Lady who flipped off Trump starts seeing her life greatly improve- here’s why (Details)

Credit: Getty Images

Last month, there was a lady who flipped off Trump twice while his motorcade was passing in Virginia. A photo of her went viral but her name, Juli Briskman, recently surfaced on Monday. Briskman reveals her life has changed a quite bit since the incident.

Before her actions, she only had 24 Twitter followers but now she has over 17,000 followers and counting. Her name also became a trending hashtag.

She explains that she has been called a variety of things due to her actions. For example, she has been called everything in the book from “Middle finger hero lady” to “libtard” and other profane and misogynistic words.

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Briskman learned the hard way that she shouldn’t have told her boss what she did. She revealed she’s been fired from her government contracting firm, Akima because chose to come forward. She says she was worried someone would recognize her. After she told her boss what she did, the firm cited that she violated the code-of-conduct policy so they fired her.

Since her firing, Akima’s Facebook page has been filled with a lot of middle fingers, people asking the company to take Briskman back, and other messages related to Briskman.

But she is now going through scores of job offers. She also has almost $47,000 in a “Thank You Juli Briskman” GoFundMe account that she did not start. Additionally, she is constantly getting interview requests from around the world.

Briskman also notes that she can’t wait to get away and that she’s ready to take a long-planned vacation.


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