Marine accused of marching at Charlottesville hate rally kicked out of service and sentenced to confinement

Credit:: Facebook/Screenshot

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Vasillios Pistolis has been kicked out of the service on July 11. This happened after he marched with white supremacists during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

He reportedly also bragged about the violence he committed during the rally. In a post on Aug. 12, 2017, he allegedly wrote, “Today cracked 3 skulls open with virtually no damage to myself.” This was the same day Heather Heyer was killed by James Alex Fields Jr.

Pistolis was a water support technician with Combat Logistics Battalion 8 at Marine Corps Installations East’s regional brig at Camp Lejeune.

Pistolis was also sentenced to 28 days of confinement. This happened after he was convicted for disobeying orders and making false statements in regard to his role in the rally. He also had his rank lowered to private and had to forfeit two-thirds pay for one month.

According to Major Brian Block’s statement, “The Marine Corps’ stance on membership in extremist or hate groups remains the same: there is no place for racial hatred or extremism in the Marine Corps.”

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He continued, “Our strength is derived from the individual excellence of every Marine regardless of background. Bigotry and racial extremism run contrary to our core values.”

Pistolis is reportedly a member of two alt-right groups, the Traditionalist Worker Party and the Atomwaffen Division.

This is not the first time a Marine has been discharged from service for their ties to white supremacist groups. There is said to be at least two others from 2017.


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