Police officer fired for choking former NFL player Desmond Marrow- Officer also attempted to lie on the police report

On Thursday, a Georgia police officer was fired due to unnecessary force and hiding details from a police report. The incident involved ex-NFL player Desmond Marrow.

Marrow was arrested last year on a felony road rage incident. This occurred after another driver threw a cup of coffee at his vehicle while driving near his home. Marrow chased the other driver until they pulled into a shopping center parking lot.

An anonymous bystander recorded the incident as Officer David Rose choked Marrow until he seemed to lose consciousness. They also slammed his head into a truck.

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Police Chief Mark Amerman said in a statement that he fired Rose because of unnecessary force. He was also fired because he was caught on dashcam saying that he would leave the choking out of the police report.

The Harris County district attorney is dropping several of the charges against Marrow.

Marrow’s attorney, Chris Stewart, says that his client will be filing a lawsuit. Marrow has been suffering severe headaches since the incident and is seeing a neurologist to evaluate him for brain damage.

“This should be a blueprint for excessive force situations across the county,” Stewart told reporters. “You don’t get justice like this all the time.”


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