Property manager called cops on black man for wearing socks by pool and now headed for unemployment line

Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

On Thursday, Erica Walker was fired after she called the cops on a black man for wearing socks at a community pool. Walker was the property manager at Riverset Apartments. According to Riverset Apartments, they let her go after the Facebook post of her calling the police went viral.

Camry Porter, who also goes by Kam, uploaded the incident to Facebook. In the post, Porter explained that she was at the pool with her boyfriend and two godchildren. She then noticed a woman “constantly watching us and whispering amongst her friends.”

She said that her boyfriend had his feet in the water when the property manager approached them and repeatedly told him to take his socks off. The property manager reportedly told them “no socks, t-shirts, hats, or things of that nature are allowed in the pool.”

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However, Porter said there were other people who were also violating the rules. In the video, she was heard saying, “She said nothing to the other people that [were] not in proper pool attire but chose to say something only to us, the only black family out there.”

Porter then said that she was asked to leave the pool. But because they refused, the cops were called on and they arrived on the scene.

This incident comes just days after another man was fired after he called the cops on a black woman for using the community pool.

Below is the incident explained and on video:

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