Watch: Trump supporting boxer wearing border wall shorts gets beat-down by Mexican rival (Details)

Credit: Twitter/ESPN

On Thursday, Rod Salka, an American boxer, tried to make a political statement but it didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to. This happened during his fight with Francisco Vargashis Mexican opponent.

Salka came into the ring wearing shorts that featured a red, white and blue ‘wall’ pattern and an “America 1st” slogan. But he couldn’t keep up with Vargas and he was beaten by the sixth round.

By the fifth round, Salka was on his knees due to a combination to the body and an uppercut by Vargas. Then, by the sixth round, Vargas landed a series of punches that left a cut over Salka’s left eye. After the sixth round, Salka’s trainers quickly threw a towel to end the fight.

This isn’t the first time Salka got a political beat-down. Back in 2016, when he ran for office as a Republican, he lost to a Democrat by over 30 points. 

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The fight’s outcome quickly garnered a lot of reactions:

You can watch it below:


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