Wisconsin man sentenced to only 3 years after raping 3 women

Credit: John Hart / Wisconsin State Journal

On Thursday, Alex Cook was only sentenced to three years for sexually assaulting three female students. He was also accused of choking or stalking two others.

His sentence includes eight years of extended supervision when he gets out. This sentence comes as Cook pleaded guilty to the three counts of third-degree sexual assault, choking and stalking in February.

Cook was a former University of Wisconsin-Madison business student who was expelled in June 2017.

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He was initially charged with more than 20 crimes against almost a dozen women. The charges against him included misdemeanor disorderly conduct and felony sexual assault for cases that happened between September 2014 and October 2016. But after a plea deal was made, the other charges were dismissed.

Prosecutors argued that Cook deserved to serve 19 years while his defense attorneys were trying to get him probation with the possibility of jail.

Psychologist William Merrick also testified that Cook has several personality disorders such as having narcissistic traits and a sexual sadism disorder.

According to Dane County Circuit Judge Stephen Ehlke, he gave Cook credit for his clean criminal history, clean bail violations and for sparing the victims a trial. He added that he hoped that the result of the case would “give closure” to the victims.

Cook gave an emotional apology to his victims in court. Through tears, Cook said, “I’m sorry. I was wrong. You told the truth and everyone should believe you. This is my fault. You didn’t deserve this. And neither did your families. To them, too, I’m so sorry.”

In one of his victims’ impact statement, she said, “Part of me died in order to survive that night with him and that part of me will never grow back.”

During the sentencing, the judge told the victims “Please, continue to be kind and positive, and don’t let him take that from you.”


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