Over 70% of white evangelicals say God helped get Trump elected

Image via Twitter

According to a study done by the Public Religion Research Institute, a relatively large number of people believe that God played a role in the outcome of the election, coming in at about 28%.

The results showed that 45% of Republicans believed that God helped to get Donald Trump elected while only 18% of Democrats agree.

When looking at a specific religion, white evangelicals were more likely to believe that God played a role in the outcome. 57% said that God played a “major role” while 14% said he played a “minor role.” Adding the two together, this indicates that 71% of evangelicals believe God had some role in helping Trump get elected.

Trump pretending to pray with a follower. Image via JAE C. HONG/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Catholics and religiously unaffiliated were the groups that were least likely to believe that God had any role in the outcome of Donald Trump. 21% of Catholics say that God had a “major role” and 7% of unaffiliated people say the same.