Anti-Trump floats trigger conservatives at Fourth of July parade (Details)

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On Wednesday, West Peoria’s City Hall received many angry calls for some Donald Trump floats that were featured in the parade. The calls came from angry Trump supporters and others who thought the floats were inappropriate.

Due to these floats, city officials were forced to apologize. One of the entries was two people impersonating Donald and Melania wearing a pink pillbox hat sitting in a Cadillac convertible. According to the office assistant, Pam Zych, people were angered because it brought up the image of the assassination of President Kennedy for some people. The pink pill box that the Melania actor wore was seen as a Jackie Kennedy icon.

Another entry that offended people was a group of men that were dressed as Trump raising the American flag and resembled the famous picture of American soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima. There were also two women in a cage wearing cat ears next to a sign that said, “Grab that pussycat. Build that wall.” A mannequin that looked like Trump was in the bathtub that was full of money and in the back of the float was a “naked” Trump on a gold toilet holding a cell phone. On the toilet paper, it had Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on it.

According to Kinga Krider, the city administrator, she believes they were misled for the entry.

“We were misled from the beginning when we were told the entry was of a presidential motorcade with Secret Service agents and that is all,” Krider stated. “We work hard to make this a family friendly event and not to include anything that would have to be explained to children afterward.We will make the necessary changes to make it harder for something like this to every happen again.”

Mayor Jim Dillon said the Trump floats ruined the event. Many other seemed to not care.

Below are the pictures of the controversial floats:

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