Black students in Michigan taunted as slaves while surrounded by Confederate flags at their high school (Details)

Credit: WNEM

On Tuesday, in Auburn Michigan, a woman reports that her grandson was bullied by racists at Bay City Western High School. The racists have surrounded the school with pickup trucks that are carrying Confederate flags.

According to MLive, dozens of trucks with the flags have been circling the school as part of a Tea Party movement. They were also waving Gadsen flags.

The teenager told his family that other students at his school were waving the flag while harassing him.

“He told me that this kid stuck the Confederate flag under (his) nose today and said, ‘Someone gave me five bucks to show you this,’ and just before that another student says to him, ‘Do slaves have feelings?’ And then uses his name, (that he) doesn’t have feelings,” said the boy’s grandmother.

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She continued: “That flag does not stand for the Confederacy, it stands for racism — and those kids know that and the parents know that.”

Her grandson is one of the school’s only black students.

The grandmother also says that he’s harassed with racial slurs on the football team.

“They were calling him the N-word,” she said. “Everyday he goes to school with his stomach in knots not knowing if he’s going to be confronted with someone trying to push his buttons again today.”

Officials in the area have stated that they are monitoring the Confederate demonstrations but that there isn’t much they can do about it. They claim that they aren’t sure whether the actions are racially motivated.

Kendall Frost, another black student at the same school, has shared proof of the harassment at her school with MLive. She showed racially charged screenshots from white classmates on her social media.

“We do believe in freedom of speech,” said Frost, who said her car was blocked in by two trucks flying Confederate flags. “If that is how you want to react and go with your life, that’s on you, but there are racial comments coming with the flags being up. They’re not putting them up because they believe in anything — they’re putting them up because they know we don’t want them up.”

Another student showed MLive a Snapchat video of at least one vehicle in the demonstration that was participating in shouting the racial slurs.

This is a developing story.



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