Breitbart writer likes to bash welfare, got fired, and now asking for handouts (Details)

Katie McHugh. Image Via Twitter

Katie McHugh is the epitome of Republican hypocrisy. You know the type. She’s one of those right-wingers who hates to see people getting help, but when life comes crashing down they are the first with their hands out.

Back in 2015, Katie responded to someone on Twitter who was sticking up for undocumented immigrants. She made a crack about how our “country, lands, heritage, and taxpayer $ don’t belong to you.”

An astute Tweeter, who goes by Ariana, saw the McHugh’s comment and responded. She explained that many ancestors of “Mexicans and Native Americans” were in North America before Katie’s European ancestors, although she did so with some more colorful vocabulary.

Of course Katy, in all her deplorable glory, obviously unable to formulate a decent rebuttal, resorted to making a racist and baseless response. She asserted that Ariana was on welfare and not a citizen.

So she hates handouts, right? Well, not when things start looking grim in her own life. Katie was recently fired from Breitbart for making racist comments in regards to the London bombing incident. I know, I know, I too thought being racist was a job requirement over at Breitbart.

Now Ms. McHugh is begging for handouts via a fundraising site and has repeatedly tweeted and retweeted the link. According to the fundraising site’s summary, she is apparently worried that she can’t afford her medical bills while finding another job.

Isn’t it fascinating how values change for these right-wingers based on what they need? Of course, she’ll likely be back to bashing welfare soon enough and can’t see any of the hypocrisy in what she’s doing.

Shame on you, Katie. You should go get a fast food job to hold you over.

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