Caitlyn Jenner: I’m working with Republicans ‘behind the scenes’ on LGBT issues (Video)

Screenshot via The View/Youtube

On Thursday, during her interview with ABC’s The View, Caitlyn Jenner revealed she is working “behind the scenes” with the Trump administration on LGBTQ issues.

She was asked if Trump has taken her offer to work on LGBTQ issues to which she replied, “He’s kind of been busy lately,” she explained. “I understand that.”

However, she did admit that she had a meeting with Nikki Haley, the United Nations ambassador and that she had worked with others “behind the scenes” in the administration but didn’t name any more names.

She also indicated that it was “harder coming out as Republican than it was coming out as trans.”

Jenner stated, “I do a lot of political things, but I would say 80-90 percent of it is behind the scenes. I think I really get a lot more accomplished that way.”

She continued, “I’m glad I’m in the position that I’m in, because I got a good in with the Republican Party. As we know, the Democrats do a much better job when it comes to LGBT issues. And I know that, I’m not stupid, but the Republicans need help and I’m there to help them.”

Jenner also said that she was disappointed in Trump for not being more outspoken on the LGBTQ issues, in particular, the issues that the trans community faces.

You can watch her interview below:


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