Christian author claims ‘spiritual confirmation’ that Trump is now a ‘man of God’

Credit: Sam Doran/SHNS

On Thursday, during his appearance on “Point of View” radio show, Scott Lively, a Christian author and anti-LGBTQ activist, claimed he received “spiritual confirmation” that Trump has been transformed “into a man of God.” He also urged other Christians to use Trump as a model Christian.

Lively was on the radio show to talk about his campaign for governor in Massachusetts. Lively has centered his campaign on his support for Trump. Last month, during a campaign stop, he described Trump as a “political genius.” He also claimed that Trump is “God’s man.”

His support for Trump was reiterated by Lively during the radio show.

Lively stated, “I’m a strong supporter of President Trump. I believe he was transformed from a somewhat reprobate New York liberal into a man of God, God’s man in the White House today.”

He goes on and claims that he had a “spiritual confirmation” of the transformation.

He continued, “I saw the transformation myself—I had a spiritual confirmation, sort of an endorsement of the idea. He has shown the example of speaking boldly and not being intimidated and not backing down on the things that are important and essential.”

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Lively then went on to say that Christians should follow the example that Trump set.

He stated, “If Christians would simply follow that model,” while noting they don’t have to be perfect “to stand up in the public realm.”

He asserted, “That’s how America will be restored. That’s how America will be made great again…”

You can listen to the interview below if you can stomach it:

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