College senior posts graduation photos with gun in pants and Twitter roasts her for it (Details)

Photo credit: Breanna Spencer/Twitter

Over the weekend, 22-year-old Brenna Spencer posted her college senior photo on Twitter. She has been receiving very mixed reactions.

Spencer, who’s a senior at the University of Tennessee, captioned the photo with “I don’t take normal college graduation photos.”

She can be seen wearing a “women for Trump” shirt and lifting it to expose the handgun in the waistband of her pants. The post quickly went viral.

Despite receiving what Spencer called a “surprising amount of hate,” she says she has no regrets.

“I know the Tennessee state gun codes …. I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry,” the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga student told ABC News.

On her Twitter bio, she says that “political correctness offends me.”

Spencer says she works for Turning Point USA, which is a right-wing propaganda center. Turning Point keeps a “professor watchlist” that tracks professors who “push liberal propaganda” and “discriminate against conservative students.”

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Here are some of the reactions on Twitter: