DC businesses are preparing to block services to white nationalists during this weekend’s march

This weekend, there will be white supremacists and other hate groups who will be marching in Washington D.C. for the second Unite the Right rally.

However, some local restaurants have already made it known that they will not offer any of their services to those participating in the event.

Several business owners have cited their concern for their staffs’ safety as a reason to either refuse service or shut down for the weekend.

Founding Farmers owner Dan Simons stated, “Our mentality is we’re going to protect each other. This is our city. Our house. Our people.”

He added, “There are times when a guest can be rude to an employee and you swap out the server. We’ve told our team: this isn’t what that is. You don’t have to be in a room with someone who’s advocating for your death and enslavement.”

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Simons is the owner of three restaurants in the area and says he will refuse service to anyone who is wearing white supremacist or neo-Nazi apparel.

Ellen Kassoff Gray, owner of Equinox restaurant, also said something similar about her restaurant. Gray stated, “I’ll proudly stay open and serve those who’re respectful and kind. But being a Jewish restaurant owner and having a pro-Nazi group come to town, would I refuse service? Yes, I would.”

Alan Popovsky, who owns Lincoln restaurant and a handful of other restaurants, revealed his restaurants will only serve brunch but then close for dinner.

This year’s rally comes on the one year anniversary of the death of Heather Heyer. Heyer was run over by a white supremacist at last year’s rally in Charlottesville, Va. Trump has not said anything yet about the upcoming rally. However, last year, he faced major backlash after he blamed “both sides” for the violence that occurred during the rally.


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