Former Trump staffers crying that nobody will hire them- Companies consider them to be toxic

Former Trump administration officials are struggling to find jobs that normally go to people with White House experience.

The report sourced 10 current and former administration officials, top recruiters, and lobbyists, who wanted to remain anonymous. The sources reveal this is happening because the risks are greater than the rewards.

One firm told a former White House official they will not hire him because of the “reputational risk.”

Another White House official revealed he was rejected because the affiliation with the Trump White House was a problem for some people at the company.

A top recruiter stated, “[Companies] are all worried about public backlash. That’s more real with these guys than I’ve seen with anyone else.”

The recruiter continued, “It’s going to be more challenging than ever before for folks coming out of the White House. There seems to be more of a visceral reaction — there’s no question that’s true.”

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The report also goes on to talk about how Robert Mueller’s probe has made some recruiters hesitant to hire those coming from the Trump sector.

A top Washington consultant who specializes in helping former government officials into private sector jobs revealed, “There’s a legal risk there. There’s a certain level of uncertainness around the toxicity. Generally, there aren’t a ton of jobs waiting for those people.”

Three other sources noted that companies associate people leaving the Trump White House with the views and policies that Trump enacted, especially those who do not have much experience.

Also according to this report, Republicans are turning down job opportunities with the Trump White House because they don’t want to hurt their future career prospects.

This is how one former White House explained the struggle of finding a job: “A lot of the people in the White House don’t realize how tight the market is right now for their services. Any job they can hope to get on the outside will have to be because of their work before being in the White House.”


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