Watch: Actor and GOP candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. still says Obama is Muslim (w/video)

Credit: Left; Getty Images Right: Screenshot/TheView/Youtube

During his interview with The View, Antonio Sabato Jr. defended his claim that former President Barack Obama is Muslim.

Sabato says he’s been “blacklisted” in Hollywood for his conservative views and his support for Trump. He recently announced his bid for a congressional seat in California’s 26th District. The seat he is running for is currently held by Democrat Julia Brownley.

He went on to note that he is Jewish and Czechoslovakian. Host Sunny Hostin brought up that Sabato mentioned during the RNC that he believes Obama is “absolutely” a Muslim.

She asked, “Do you think that that has anything to do with the blacklisting?”

To which he responded, “No, I never thought it was anything bad. There’s millions of Muslims around the world, so I felt that it was never an insult.”

He added, “I’m Jewish, I became a Christian, and I felt that Obama — I mean —If he’s not a Muslim, we should call him President Barry.”

The hosts went on to point out that Obama is “not a Muslim.”

To which Sabato responded, “Maybe it was my mistake then or whatever, but I never meant—I liked the president, I liked him as a person, his family, they’re good people, so for me it was never an insult.”

When the hosts tried to clarify that he’s not Muslim, he didn’t seem convinced. He stated, “What I was saying was, he changed his name to Obama because he followed the Islam religion when he was growing up. So I felt that once you’re in that religion, you stay for the rest of your life.”

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When he was reminded again there was no evidence for his claim, he just tried to brush it off.

He simply stated, “Okay, that’s fine, that’s fine. Listen, right now we have issues that are different than what we had in the past.”

Also during the same interview, he admitted that he has no “qualifications” to run for Congress.

You can watch the video below:


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