GOP strategist warns of ‘bad things’ from Trump’s rancher pardons

Credit: Left: Scott Goldsmith/Aurora Photos Right: AP Photo

On Tuesday, Republican strategist John Weaver took to Twitter to warn of Trump’s pardoning of the two ranchers.

Weaver wrote, “What a dangerous thing for this ‘president’ to do, “giving oxygen to ultra right militia who don’t respect the law or the constitution and present a danger to the Republic. Bad things will flow from this.”

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Weaver’s tweet comes as Trump granted pardons to Dwight and Steve Hammond. The two pardoned men were Oregon ranchers who were convicted of arson on federal land in 2012. Their case eventually led to the 40-day armed takeover of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016.

The GOP’s strategist’s tweet also got the attention of civil rights attorney Joshua Engel who agreed with Weaver.

Engel replied to Weaver saying, “I prosecuted some of the ‘sovereign citizen”/”Militia’ folks; they are dangerous people who threaten judges and police and would not submit to the jurisdiction of the courts.”

Engel continued,  “The President should be working against those who are avowed enemies of the Constitution.”


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