Rumors swirling regarding upcoming Trump resignation (Details)

Image via Twitter

Twitter is abuzz with rumors (not proof and not pretending to be) that Trump may be considering resignation. This is following huge news about a potential Mike Flynn-FBI immunity deal.

The chatter seems to have started with Claude Taylor, who has worked on three presidential campaigns and was part of President Bill Clinton’s White House staff. Taylor claims a journalist friend has two sources saying Trump is considering resignation.

Okay, it’s just a tweet by someone with some experience around the White House. While retweets don’t necessarily mean someone agrees, Harvard Law professor Lawrence Tribe shared out the tweet and added his own two cents.

Additionally, West Wing Reports, ran by an award-winning member of the White House press corps, Paul Brandus, recently tweeted this:

With Michael Flynn asking for immunity, this likely means there are serious crimes committed by the Trump Administration. Now, multiple sources, with no history of creating hoaxes, are hinting towards an upcoming Trump resignation.

It’s not much, but it has me wondering. At the very least, it’s something to be hopeful for.

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