Ivanka puts up deceptive video of her trip to Japan (w/ video)

Credit: Reuters/Eugene Hoshiko

In a recent video released by Ivanka Trump, she attempted to give the impression that she had a very successful diplomatic trip to Japan. In reality, very few showed up to hear her speak.

Below is the video she tweeted to show the public of her trip. While she was there, she spoke at an International Women’s Conference where she called for an end to sexual harassment. Very ironic for a Trump, right?

In her edited video, she conveniently didn’t show that she spoke to a nearly empty crowd for the conference.

According to the New York Times, so few people showed up that the ushers had to quickly move the audience to the front row before Ivanka walked up to the podium.

Also, she was criticized on social media for her skirt length.

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Below are other criticisms she received for her Japan trip:

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