Trump CIA pick: ‘Jesus Christ as our savior is truly the only solution for our world’

UNITED STATES – FEBRUARY 8: Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Kan., speaks during the House Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing on "The American Energy Initiative: What EPA's Utility MACT (maximum achievable control technology) Rule Will Cost U.S. Consumers" on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for CIA chief, Mike Pompeo, a Kansas Republican and a prominent member of the House Intelligence Committee, has a history of depicting the conflict in the Middle East as a war between Christians and “radical Muslims.”

Speaking to a church group in Wichita in 2014, Pompeo told the churchgoers: “This threat to America is from people who deeply believe that Islam is the way and the light and the only answer.”

Pompeo goes on: “These folks believe that it is religiously driven for them to wipe Christians from the face of the earth.” “They abhor Christians,” says Pompeo, “and will continue to press against us until we make sure that we pray and stand and fight. Make sure that we know that Jesus Christ as our savior is truly the only solution for our world.”

Pompeo shakes hands with Huma Abedin. Photo credit: Getty Images

Last year, at an event hosted by the Westminster Institute, a Virginia-based think tank, he once again described the conflict between Iran and the U.S. as being “between the Christian West and the Islamic East.”

In 2013, after the Boston Marathon bombing, Pompeo took to the House floor to call on Muslim leaders to denounce acts of terrorism committed in the name of Islam. He mentions: “It’s been just under two months since the attacks in Boston, and in those intervening weeks, the silence of Muslim leaders has been deafening.”

“Failing to condemn such attacks makes Muslim leaders “potentially complicit” in the attacks. “When the most devastating terrorist attacks on America in the last 20 years come overwhelmingly from people of a single faith and are performed in the name of that faith, a special obligation falls on those that are the leaders of that faith,” Pompeo adds.

Popmpeo speaking at a church. Photo via

Pompeo even went as far as forcing the Islamic Society of Wichita, a local mosque in his district, to cancel an appearance of a prominent Muslim leader. Pompeo’s reasoning for this action was because the Muslim leader had alleged ties to Hamas, even though this particular speaker spoke 4 times in the past without any problem. In his statement, Pompeo described that he thought that the event was an insult because it coincided with a Christian Holiday, Good Friday and added that if the mosque failed to cancel the appearance, they would be “responsible for the damage among religious faiths that is sure to follow.”

Here is the video clip of Pompeo speaking to the church group in Wichita: