John McCain’s daughter: Obama not showing respect for Trump like Bush gave him- will be ‘most bitter ex-president’ (Video)

Photo via Wonkette

On Wednesday, during The Five on Fox News, things got pretty heated on the topic of Trump’s allegations of former President Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower and the relationship of Obama and Trump.

During the discussion panel, Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain stated, “President Obama is going to be the most bitter ex-president that we’ve ever had. He’s not gonna keep his mouth shut, he’s gonna do nothing but attack this administration. The complete and total opposite of the class and respect [George W. Bush] gave to Obama.”

Since Obama has left office, he has been pretty quiet.

But after Trump’s accusations of Obama wiretapping, a source close to Obama revealed that Obama was livid about the accusations and is distancing himself from it.

Almost a week after these accusations, Trump has not given any other explanation about the alleged wiretaps.

You can watch the whole segment below:




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