Lady who called cops on BBQ becomes a meme sensation- Here are the best

Last week, in Oakland, California, a woman called the police on two black men who were barbecuing in a park.  She first became the subject of a viral video and now memes of her are taking over the internet.

The unidentified lady was taped while calling the Oakland Police Department. She accused the group of breaking the law by using a charcoal grill for their barbecue and also alleged that one of the men was “trespassing.”

Throughout the incident, the lady made several racial remarks and said they would end up in prison for their picnic. She mentioned on the video that the call had “nothing to do with race.”

Police showed up but made no charges and let the barbecue continue.

As a response, about a week later, Oakland residents threw a huge cookout at the same location.

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Here are some of the best memes we’ve found:




And finally: