Liberals react to Kellyanne Conway saying “Criticism of me so gender-based”

Screenshot via Caffeinated Thoughts/Youtube

On Saturday, during a conservative summit, The Family Leadership Summit, Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s senior counselor asserted that the criticism against her is “gender based.”

During the interview, she discussed the criticism she receives.

She was asked if she was surprised at some of the comments toward her. To which she basically replied,  “If you can’t say congratulations, don’t say anything at all.”

“I understand that we’re a nation of charged opinions and partisan rancor but I do find most of the vitriol comes from people who don’t know and who are very brave on social media — which means they’re not brave at all,” she stated.

She also added that the criticism is so “disconnected.” Conway said, “It’s unbelievable how if I say something on the television program or if the president says something the reaction is so disconnected from what was just said.”

“If you want to disagree on policy, if you disagree on tax reform or health care reform or immigration or you’re for abortion and I’m not — then say that. Disagree that way, that’s what America is. But so much of the criticism of me is so gender-based,” Conway continued.

She added that she prays for the country and her critics.

Conway claimed that “criticizing” how she looks, what she wears or how she speaks “totally undercuts modern feminism.”

This event was closed to the press and there were about 50 party donors who attended. When the interview was over, Conway reportedly took questions. Conway also told the attendees that the media “reports the bad, but they don’t report the good.”

You can watch the interview below:

It doesn’t seem like liberals bought her pleas. Here were some of the reactions on Twitter:




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