Lindsay Lohan: ‘Stop bullying Trump and start trusting him’ (Details)

Image From Mean Girls.

Since Trump has been in office, he has bullied multiple people and the mainstream media on Twitter. However, actress Lindsay Lohan, 31, believes he’s the one being bullied.

On Tuesday, Lohan tweeted:

This tweet was in response to Trump’s tweet where he was seen “wrestling” with CNN.

She also defended Melania Trump and some of his children saying they are “kind people.”

This is not the first time Lohan defended Trump.

In an interview in March 2016, she stated, “People are too mean towards Trump.”

“I know Donald Trump, he is a nice person,” she added, although she suggested she wouldn’t be casting a ballot for the real estate mogul: “I like Donald as a person, but I’m a Hillary Clinton fan.”

Back in 2004, on The Howard Stern Show, Trump called then 18-year-old Lohan, “deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.”

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