Melania Trump’s attorney warns that nobody better say she was an escort (Details)

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In a recent interview with the Daily Beast, Nataša Pirc Musar, who represents Melania in Slovenia, discussed some of her interactions with the First Lady.

“Melania and I had a discussion,” said Pirc Musar. She was referring to her talks back in 2016. “I informed her about what was going on.”  Melania was scrutinized in the media via scandalous stories and many were using her identity for business purposes.

“She said to me that she did not want to sue anybody, that she was not doing that for money, she obviously does not need it,” said Musar. “She just wanted me to set [limits] about what is allowed and what is not allowed.”

Melania’s Slovenian attorney Pirc Musar. Credit: JURE ERZEN/Delo

Just before that talk, a Slovenian magazine called Suzy, which publishes celebrity gossip, released an article saying that Melania worked for an escort agency. It made the claim that the Paolo Zampolli modeling agency, who Melania worked for in New York, was really just a front for a high-end escort agency. Shortly after, with the help of Musar, Melania sued the magazine.

While this was transpiring, the Daily Mail also released an article with similar allegations, although they later retracted and apologized. Suzy never apologized.

“And that was why Mrs. Trump said that ‘I have to go with this procedure to the end, because I would not tolerate that somebody was spreading such a lie all over the planet,” said Musar.

Pirc Musar has been representing Melania for almost a year but has never met her face to face.

“Basically overnight, as soon as she became the first lady, lots of people started selling products bearing her name, using her photos, Trump burgers, and so on,” Pirc Musar said.

In Melania’s hometown, Sevnica, she has loads of products which bear her name or face. However, after threats from lawsuits, many have disappeared.

Pirc Musar was clear that she wouldn’t allow humiliating stories about Melania.

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