New Yorker Magazine burns Trump with brutal new cover

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In the newest cover for the New Yorker magazine, Trump is depicted in a swamp while playing golf amongst the snakes and alligators.

The artwork is a reference to Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp.” Following Trump taking office, the swamp appears to be deeper than ever. The illustration will be featured on the May 21st cover.

Is Trump making an effort to drain the swamp?

Recently, it was revealed that Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, was facilitating a pay-for-play scheme. Companies were paying Cohen for access to Trump. Companies involved include AT&T, Novartis, and others.

On Friday, AT&T CEO said that the decision to pay Cohen was a ‘big mistake.’

Further evidence of the swamp filling includes troubling news from the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump’s pick to lead the agency, Scott Pruitt, is mired in scandals as he’s accused of accepting bribes and also under investigation for overspending on office accessories- including a $43,000 phone booth.

In other areas of Trump’s swamp, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was just caught squashing investigations into corrupt for-profit colleges and hiring administrators for those colleges to help run the Department of Education.

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You can see the New Yorker cover below:

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