Obama tops poll for the best president in Americans’ lifetime- Trump falling behind

Credit: Left: Screenshot/WH.gov Right: Getty Images

According to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, Barack Obama was the best president in their lifetime.

The poll revealed that Obama was the top choice of 44 percent of the participants. In second was Bill Clinton with 33 percent and in third was Ronald Regan with 32 percent.

Even though Trump is not even halfway through his first term, the poll revealed that he is in fourth place with 19th percent.

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The poll was open-ended and it asked people which president has done the best in their lifetimes. The respondents were asked to give both their first and second choices.

The poll noted that the answers were largely tied to the respondents’ age. For example, millennials were more likely to choose Obama. Also, the older Americans were more likely to choose Reagan as the best.

Unsurprisingly, party lines were tied to the person’s answer. For example, Democrats were more likely to pick Obama and Republicans were more likely to pick Reagan.

Below is the full breakdown of the answers:

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