Ohio candy shop selling ‘Trump Dumps’ for Inauguration Day

Cassandra Fear created a dessert she named “Trump Dumps.” Cassandra originally debuted the treats before the Republican National Convention and now keeps having to bring them back.

Cassandra Fear
Via Facebook

“Trump Dumps” are creamy chocolate ganache topped with modeling chocolate toupees which were only a one time offer during the RNC. However, due to the multitude of requests she received for them after the convention, she decided to bring them back for Election Day.

When she brought them out for Election Day, she came up with a couple rules:

  1. If Trump wins the election, Fear’s Confections will never make the Dumps again.
  2. If Trump loses the election, Fear’s will declare Nov. 28 “Trump Day” (the day he told everyone to vote) and offer the wig-wearing chocolate treat one last time.

However, people did not follow the rules. When she was closed for the holidays, she had many requests on her voicemail so she decided to bring them back again for the inauguration.

She announced this news about the return of Trump Dumps and in no time she started receiving multiple orders via email, phone, and social media.

“We are making Dumps around the clock,” she said.

Her desserts were unintentionally boosted by Bob Frantz, current morning politics/news personality for  and  who wrote on her Facebook page:

Frantz’s comment also brought more unnecessary attention from Trump trolls that demanded Cassandra to make Dumps that resemble Obama and received a lot of negative criticism. But she didn’t let that affect her and hinted that this may not be the last time for these desserts, they could make another comeback if a Trump impeachment happens.

“I just want to Make Ganache Great Again!” Cassandra exclaimed.