One word has people believing Mike Pence wrote the anonymous article bashing Trump

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On Wednesday, the NY Times released an anonymous op-ed essay that they confirmed came from a senior official in the Trump administration. After a bit of sleuthing, some believe the author was Vice President Mike Pence.

The essay states that the author is part of a resistance to Trump that’s not the same as the left’s resistance. This is because they see eye-to-eye with many of Trump’s ideologies. What they say they fear is Trump’s misguided impulsiveness.

The author says there are a number of senior officials who are part of this resistance. They claim to have vowed to obstruct Trump and preserve our democratic institutions. They say that Trump’s problem is amorality.

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So, where does Mike Pence fit into all of this?

One word in particular raised eyebrows when reading the essay. Lodestar. It’s a pretty uncommon word but a word that Pence uses quite often.

Lodestar is defined as either a “star that guides” or a person who “serves as an inspiration, model, or guide.”

On Twitter, they were quick to find multiple instances of Pence using the word. “Lodestar” quickly became a trending topic.

Audio producer Dan Bloom put out an interesting thread on Twitter explaining why he thinks the word lodestar may implicate Mike Pence in the essay.



Some argue that because the NY Times says the official’s job could be jeopardized by the disclosure, it can’t be Mike Pence. Mike Pence is the only one in the White House who can’t be fired. However, Bloom notes that if Pence was discovered to be the author of the essay then that could jeopardize his prospects of becoming President.

Or, it’s also possible that the author is purposefully using someone else’s rare word just to keep Trump guessing.

“To cover my tracks, I usually pay attention to other staffers’ idioms and use that in my background quotes. That throws the scent off me,” another White House official said to Axios earlier this year.

Here are some reactions from Twitter:



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