Preview it here: Liberal group placing anti-Trump billboard right by Mar-a-Lago (Details)

Image via Twitter

A liberal group called Mad Dog PAC is in final preparations for erecting a billboard near Trump’s ‘winter White House.’ The message will be calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Below is a preview:

Credit Mad Dog PAC

Mad Dog PAC is a political action committee focused on funding billboards that target Trump and other GOP politicians. They plan to run this particular billboard from mid-March to Mid-April.

The founder of the PAC, Claude Taylor, insists that Trump is “unfit, ill-prepared and unstable.”

According to the PAC, they plan on installing multiple similar billboards across the country.

America simply cannot afford another minute with Trump as president,” says the group’s website. “Support this critical campaign for building public resistance to Trump.”

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A few weeks ago the same PAC put up another billboard in the area, this one aimed at the NRA. It read, “The NRA is a terrorist organization.”

There is no comment yet from the White House.


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