Roy Moore claims ‘severe emotional distress’ from interview and suing Sacha Baron Cohen for $95 million

Credit: Showtime

Failed Senate candidate Roy Moore is very upset over being fooled by Sacha Baron Cohen in Who is America? He’s so upset that he’s suing Cohen for $95 million dollars.

The former judge ran an embarrassing losing campaign in Alabama. During the campaign, he was accused of relationships with minors while he was in his 30’s. Cohen seized on this controversy to humiliate Moore.

In the episode that spawned this lawsuit, Cohen pretends to have a metal detector that senses pedophiles. When he waves it near Moore, the detector beeps.

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“It must be faulty. It’s malfunctioning,” says Cohen. “Is this your jacket? Did you lend the jacket to somebody else?”

“I’ve been married for 33 (years),” Moore answers. “I’ve never had such an accusation of things.”

“If this is an instrument,” he continues, “certainly, I’m not a pedophile.” Moore then stops the interview.

In the suit, Moore says he’s “suffered extreme emotional distress” after being “falsely portrayed, mocked and defamed as a sex offender and pedophile.”

After discovering that he was pranked, Moore pleaded with CBS to not allow the episode to air. Despite his pleas, the show aired on July 29th of this year.

Moore is being represented by an attorney named Larry Klayman. Klayman is also a conservative political activist.

“Sasha Baron Cohen, who is not only low class but also a fraudster, will now, along with Showtime and CBS, be held accountable for his outrageous and false, fraudulent and defamatory conduct which callously did great emotional and other damage to his great man and his wife and family,” Klayman wrote in a statement.

The case name is Moore v. Cohen, 18-cv-2082, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia (Washington).


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