Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch called Trump a ‘f*cking idiot’ (Details)

Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

According to Michael Wolff’s new book called “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,”Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch referred to Trump as a “f*cking idiot.”

This incident happened when Murdoch was on the phone with Trump in December of 2016, right after Silicon Valley executives paid a visit to Trump for a meeting at the Trump Tower.

During the phone call, Murdoch asked how the meeting went. To which Trump replied, “Oh, great, just great. These guys really need my help. Obama was not very favorable to them, too much regulation. This is really an opportunity for me to help them.”

Then Murdoch responded, “Donald, for eight years these guys had Obama in their pocket. They practically ran the administration. They don’t need your help.”

Murdoch also suggested a more liberal approach to handle H-1B visas, that allows only select immigrants to stay in the country. Then Trump responded saying, “We’ll figure it out.”

As Murdoch was getting off the phone with Trump, he shrugged and stated, “What a fucking idiot.”

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However, Trump may not have taken Murdoch’s advice.

In April of 2017, the Trump administration stopped the expedited processing of the H1B visas and made the requirements to apply online harder.

This comment from Murdoch shows a rare moment when Trump and Murdoch disagree with each other.

Last year, the New York Times reported that the two talk on the phone “almost every day.”


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