Sean Spicer attempts apology for his lies as press secretary: ‘I screwed up’

Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

On Thursday, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer admitted he “screwed up” for some of his press briefings.

In an interview with HLN, he stated, “There were times where I screwed up. There’s no question about.”

He continued, “The inauguration. You brought it up. I would say that’s first and foremost.”

This was in reference to the briefing where he falsely claimed that Trump had the”largest inauguration to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.”

Spicer also added, “There was an event where I was trying to talk about how evil [Bashar] Assad was, and I screwed that up royally.”

This was when he criticized the Syrian president for using chemical attacks on civilians and compared it to what Hitler did during World War II.

Even though Spicer admitted he wasn’t happy with his actions as press secretary, he described the role as an “unbelievable honor.”

He stated, “Look, I’m a very self-critical person. I honestly went out every day to do the best job I could for the president of the United States, who gave me an unbelievable honor, and to basically do the best job I could for the American people, because that’s ultimately who you serve.”

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He continued, “So when I screwed up, yeah it felt really bad. You’re realizing that you’re tarnishing your personal reputation, your family’s reputation, your friends who like you and support you, some of your colleagues and ultimately again this administration and the American people who I wanted to do my best for every single day.”

Spicer served as a press secretary from January to July.

In recent weeks, he is back making media appearances as he is promoting his upcoming book, “The Briefing,” that is expected to be released in July.

You can watch a clip of his interview below:


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