So few Nazi marchers showed up that they were outnumbered by police (with pics and video)

Credit: Twitter/Garrett Haake

When Jason Kessler, the organizer for the Unite the Right rally, applied for a DC rally permit, he said he expected 100 to 400 people to participate. However, his prediction didn’t go as planned.

Videos of the rally show the white supremacists were largely outnumbered by counter-protests that were happening the same day. The numbers were so small that even police had outnumbered participants of the Unite the Right rally.

The reason for such a small turn out could have been because they couldn’t find a way to get there. Uber and Lyft have made it clear that their drivers could refuse service to anyone who participated in the rally.

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However, Kessler is saying the reason for such a small turn out was because of “alt-right infighting.” He also added that some of the white supremacist leaders were telling their followers to not attend the event.

Below are some videos and pictures that show the difference:


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