Ted Lieu tears into Republicans for ‘stupid and ridiculous’ Strzok hearings

Credit: Screenshot/Youtube

On Thursday, former FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before two House committees because Republicans believed that the FBI investigation into Trump is “biased.” This is due to the anti-Trump text message Strzok sent during the 2016 campaign.

When it was Rep. Ted Lieu’s turn to speak, Lieu raised hell on the Republicans. He slammed them for being more obsessed with text messages rather than the migrant children that are still locked up in cages.

Lieu started out by referring to the hearing as “stupid and ridiculous.”

He continued, “The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over immigration. It’s July 12th, 2018. As we sit here today there are nearly 3,000 babies and kids ripped away from their parents by the Trump administration and we’re not doing a hearing on that. We’re doing a hearing into the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails in 2016. That’s just dumb.”

He then went on to point out that the Republicans were unsuccessful at finding a single act that proved “bias in any of these official investigations.”

He added,  “Now, more than eight hours later, they still can’t point to a single official act you took that showed bias in these investigations.”

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Lieu talked about how Strzok could have swung the election if he wanted to by leaking Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The California representative then asked Strzok, “The one thing you could have done to cause him to lose is disclose the Russia investigation in July of 2016. Did you do that?”

He also brought up the fact that as a former prosecutor there were some defendants he despised and some that he was ok with. But he noted that “It didn’t matter. All that mattered was could we prove a charge beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Below is the video:

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