Trump transition alert: State Dept. receives eerie request for names of women’s rights workers

Trump is shaking up the State Dept. after his transition team asked for names of those working on gender equality. While the notice didn’t hint at any policy changes, coming from this man, merely asking for those names is chilling enough.

Copy of the memo sent from Trump’s transition team. Credit: NY TimesThe memo is reminding people of the recent memo sent to the Energy Department which asked for all those working on climate change matters.

This request is especially frightening when Trump is a known misogynist. The president-elect is currently angry that he was named Time’s “person of the year” instead of “man of the year.” Trump has commented that he is allowed to perform sexual assault and told Howard Stern that it’s ok to call his daughter a “piece of ass.”

With Trump’s past in mind, could it be that he is asking for gender equality workers’ names to empower them? Or will he slash these programs? Let us know what you think below…