Trump now believes the stock market is rigged against him (Details)

Credit: Left: ISAAC BREKKEN/GETTY IMAGES Right: Getty Images

Just last week, during the State of the Union speech, Trump was bragging about how his positive role in the stock market is benefiting all Americans.

He stated, “[It’s] smashed one record after another, gaining $8 trillion in value. That is great news for Americans’ 401(k), retirement, pension and college saving accounts.”

Trump continues to tie stock market gains to the welfare of all Americans. However, about half don’t have any investments.

But since Monday’s largest single-day point drop in the history of the Dow Jones, Trump is now insisting that the stock market is rigged against him. His reasoning is because the stock market tanked even though there was good economic news.

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On Monday, Trump tweeted, “In the ‘old days,’ when good news was reported, the Stock Market would go up.” He continued, “Today, when good news is reported, the Stock Market goes down. Big mistake, and we have so much good (great) news about the economy!”

Monday’s stock market drop created an embarrassing situation for Trump as it collided with his frequent message of the booming economy. Trump was in Ohio bragging about the booming economy but that is when the Dow Jones plummeted. Even Fox News, while airing his speech live, had to cut away to cover the breaking news of the 1,100 point drop.


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