Watch: Trump Jr. calls Obama unhealthy-‘Skinny guy with no muscle mass’ (w/ video)

Credit: Left: Fox News Right: CHRIS/

In a recent interview with the Daily Caller, Trump Jr. criticized the media for being biased against his father.

The interviewee asked Trump Jr. to explain the “obvious press bias.”

This question seemed to upset. Trump Jr. responded, “The media in the mainstream media has become so dishonest, so flagrant.” He continued to talk about people questioning his father’s health report.

He then pivoted his interview to attack Obama in a ridiculous way.

Trump Jr. insisted, “No one questioned Obama about his smoking … I don’t know if he was doing that then, but you know certainly he was a smoker, which has as much you know … is as much a contributing factor to heart disease and these sort of things.”

He then added, “But why it wasn’t (reported is) because he’s a tall, skinny guy with no muscle mass. That’s also not so healthy.”

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You can watch the clip below:

Below are some reactions to Trump Jr.’s ridiculous response:


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