Trump loving GOP Florida House candidate found to have faked her diploma

Credit: Melissa Howard

A Republican candidate running for the seat in Florida’s State House has been caught faking her diploma and lying about graduating from Miami University in Ohio.

Melissa Howard is running for a Sarasota-area House seat. She is also running on the notion that she is the only candidate in the race who “worked hard to get President Trump elected.”

Howard claimed she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University in Ohio.

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However, a Florida political news website, FLA News Online, found out that Howard did not graduate from the university. She has tried to prove that the website was false by posting a picture on Facebook of her and her mother posing with a framed diploma. But after further investigation and confirmation by the university, it turned out that the degree is a fake.

Robin Parker, the university’s general counsel, revealed that Howard attended the university but she did not earn a degree in 1994 or 1996, like she claimed.

The school also revealed they do not have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. They added that if she did graduate, she would have received a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences instead.

There are inconsistencies in her diploma as well. For example, there are signatures on the diplomas from officials who would not have signed the diploma for a student who graduated with a bachelor’s degree that year.

Howard and her campaign have yet to comment on this report.


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