Recent Trump tweets indicate he’s still insanely jealous of Obama (Details)

On Thursday, Trump took to Twitter to share an online poll that shows he is a “better” president than his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The poll was conducted by ProgressPolls, which asked its respondents, Who is the better President of the United States, in which respondents had a choice between Obama and Trump.

According to the poll, it showed that 61 percent believed that Trump was a better president, while 39 percent chose Obama.

The poll was from August 4th and it says that it ended with a total of 28,589 votes.

Earlier this week, he tweeted about his achievements and attacked poll numbers.

In a separate tweet from the day before, he went after the poll numbers again.

The retweet of the Twitter poll comes as his approval rating is only 37% according to the Gallup daily poll.

Here are some reactions to Trump sharing the Twitter poll:

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