Trump supporting radio host says that Mueller is jealous of Trump’s penis (Details)

Credit: Left: Right Wing Watch Right: Modal Trigger/Robert Mueller/AP

During his radio show, Wayne Allen Root, a right-wing political commentator who is obsessed with Trump, asserted that he knows the real reason for the FBI raid of Michael Cohen’s office and hotel. He claims that it is because Special Counsel Robert Mueller has “penis envy.”

Root started out by insisting that he knows that Mueller “never had sex with a beautiful woman.” He then added that it’s obvious that Mueller has “penis envy.” He continued and stated that now Mueller hates “Trump with a passion” because he never had sex with a beautiful woman.

Root stated, “Robert Mueller has probably never had sex in his life. I know he has never had sex with a beautiful woman. Did you ever see the angry look on Robert Mueller’s face? Robert Mueller needs sex badly and he is so jealous that Donald Trump was a billionaire playboy and obviously had sex with the most beautiful women in the world.”

He continued, “Robert Mueller has penis envy. This is so obvious. This was high school, guys. In high school, there were handsome guys, and then there were handsome guys who were jocks, and then there were handsome guys who were jocks and had rich fathers. And that is Donald Trump. And then all the little nerds like Robert Mueller, who had never had sex in their whole lives, they hated the jocks, they hated the handsome guys, and they really hated the jocks who were handsome guys who were rich. This guy, Muller, has never had sex with a beautiful woman, so he hates Trump with a passion.”

Root continued his rant and called Trump “the greatest president in modern history.” He then added that Mueller is “a pervert.”

He went on,  “He probably sits home and watches porn. He has probably never had a girl in his whole life, a beautiful woman, so he sits and watches images and then he realizes there is someone like Donald Trump who is living every man’s fantasy … [Mueller] doesn’t even know what sex feels like. Robert Mueller is an ugly lawyer, he’s got nothing going for him.”

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Root continued to call Mueller “a little pervert.” Then added,  “Mueller is vicious, Mueller is disgusting, Mueller is a pervert. Can you imagine what he does at home at night? Who knows what he does, watching his computer images of Donald Trump and beautiful women. I can just guess what Mueller is doing in the dark, with the light of the screen glaring on him inside is office at 12 midnight. Quote me, Robert Mueller: You’re a pervert, you’re a loser, you’re ugly, you have never had a beautiful women in your life and you’re jealous of Donald Trump. It is all so clear now.”

He concluded his rant declaring, “It’s penis envy, Mueller’s is smaller than Trump’s.”

You can listen to his rant below:

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