A huge increase in Trump propaganda may be coming to your home (Details)

Credit: Donald Trump/Facebook

Sinclair Broadcasting is a network of heavily leaning conservative local TV stations that is expected to expand to many American homes. This is due to Trump picking Ajit Pai as the head of the Federal Communications Commission.

Pai used a loophole that would allow the company to buy another group of TV stations. This loophole is called a “UHF discount” which the Obama administration shut down. Without the loophole, the broadcasting program would have to cap viewership at 39 percent.

Sinclair is considered to be the largest TV broadcaster in the in the nation. The company is very conservative, including “must run” conservative segments and even guaranteed pro-Trump news segments.

As of today, they own 170 plus station which covers 38 percent of American households. They plan to expand to reach 72 percent because they are looking to buy Tribune Broadcasting group. This would add additional 42 stations to their listings.

Before Trump, Sinclair did not reach many large cities. Under this new arrangement, that may all change.

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