Trump’s approval rating as president-elect lowest in modern history

According to a new Gallop poll, Donald Trump’s transition to the White House has the lowest approval rating of at least the past three presidents-elect.

Trump’s approval rating for his transition is around 48% and his disapproval rating is 48%. This approval rating is at least 17% lower than any of the previous three incoming presidents.

Via Gallup

In 2008, when Obama first took office, he had an approval rating of 75% while only 17% disapproved.  In 2001, Bush had an approval rating of 65% while 26% disapproved. In 1992, Bill Clinton had an approval rating of 67% and a disapproval rate of 15%.

While 86% of Republicans approve of Trump’s transition, his approval rating among Democrats is only 17% and 46% for independents. This approval rating is the lowest when compared to his predecessors, who had an approval rating from the opposing party of nearly 50%. Gallop notes that a major reason for Trump’s low approval rating is due to the opposition party being more critical of Trump compared to past presidents-elect.

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Gallop predicts that if Trump’s approval rating follows a recent historical pattern, it may drop to 40% and resulting in the lowest initial job approval rating. To date, the lowest recorded initial job approval rating is 51%, in which both Ronald Reagan had in 1991 and George H.W. Bush in 1989.