Trump’s Labor Day: Greeted with ‘Cry-Baby Trump’ balloons outside his Virginia golf club

Over Labor Day weekend, Trump had made plans to stay at his golf club in Virginia. Protestors were ready outside the club with ‘cry-baby Trump’ balloons to greet his motorcade.

In addition to the balloons, the protestors had signs that said “Putin’s apprentice” and other references to Russia. Some were shouting “resign” as the motorcade passed them.

According to White House press pool reports:

“About a dozen protestors set up a series of signs along the sidewalk outside the club including ‘Resign’ and ‘Liar.’ The Trump baby balloons were also out. They shouted ‘resign’ as the motorcade passed.”

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“The blue and white sign in the second photo says ‘Putin’s Apprentice’ with the hammer and sickle symbol of the former Soviet Union replacing the ‘u’ in Putin,” the following pool report said.

These Trump-baby balloons have a history of upsetting Trump. During his visit to London, Trump told The Sun that “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”

Last week, larger versions of the Trump-baby balloons were making test flights in New Jersey. This is part of a larger campaign to fly them all over the country. These large balloons/blimps were made possible with a $24,000 GoFundMe campaign organized by Democratic activist Jim Girvan.

“We thought we would have one balloon, so we’re very pleased since the interest is geared towards having events prior to the midterms,” Girvan said. “We expect to continue the tour as long as Mr. Trump is in office and as our experience and network grows, we will have events across the country.”

You can watch one of the test fights below.


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